Mutual Contract (B2B) Policy                          

Effective Date Jan 01, 2020

Validity: Etah and Firozabad (UP)


1-“Make sure that our aim is to serve customers than to earn from customers.”

2-You always provide the exact same product which have been opted by consumer.

3-If order is confirmed, there should not be any delay to deliver the same on time.

4-If product is found defected/not good in quality or not meeting customer satisfaction, it should be replaced in first attempt without any excuse.

5-Sold Products will be collected by the consumer within 24-48 hours from order time else Order will be considered as cancelled.

6-There will 7 days returning policy on sold products if consumer not satisfied due to any reason.

7-There would be five percent of order price penalty if any complaint against vendor from consumer.

8- There will be weekly online/cash payment to vendors from if agreed mutually.

9- Its vendor’s responsibility to update status Out of Stock instead of in Stock if Product units are less of about to finish or finished. Else It will lead you to penalty charges on you.